Kissed with Power Official Release Date

It’s the announcement you’ve been waiting for. When will the next Kiss Series Book be out?

July 31, 2018

kissed with power book release


Kissed with Power: Polly’s Story (Book 2.5 of The Kiss Series) will officially be released on July 31, 2018.


Kissed with Power will be available for pre-order on Amazon. It is still too far out for Kindle to allow me to set up the pre-orders yet, but as soon as I have it set up I will let you know!

Kissed with Power: Polly’s Story (Book 2.5 of The Kiss Series) Synopsis

There is more to Polly of Mossy Oak Manor than what meets the eye. It is true that she is a timid house slave for the De’Muerre family, but she is secretly powerful.
She harnesses the powers of the Loa with voodoo and more, she harnesses the power of secrets.
As a house slave, she is often invisible which has allowed her to collect secrets. Secrets that can be yielded to help others, or to help herself. Secrets like how to help runaway slaves.
But one of these secrets binds her eternally to her mistress, Victoria De’Muerre.
Because of this secret, her and all of her descendants will battle against the Demon of Death to right a wrong and save a life.